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Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires marketing that is on target with the precise the message you wish to convey.

Sales are vital for every business, and whether your business is a startup or an established company, sometimes you need a little help finding prospective customers or clients for your sales team to contact. Perhaps you’re looking for a service that can support your sales team by providing access to contact databases or that can build contacts lists for you featuring companies across specific industries that are likely to be interested in the products or services your company offers. Or, maybe you want to boost your sales team’s success rate by providing them with leads that have already been verified.

Our lead generation service has the best tools that can help you identify contacts, interest and score leads and even note which contacts are most likely to become customers.

In addition to helping your business identify potential new customers, Plustel Solutions can also assist you in reaching out to your leads as well as your existing customers through multiple channels, such as email, social media, direct mail and telephone – which can be particularly helpful if you need help getting the word out about a new product or service, special sales promotion, or event.



Minimizing cost per lead while maximizing lead quality – that’s the objective of Plustel’s Lead Generation Capture and Lead Quality Optimization services. Ultimately, a low-cost lead is only good for your marketing campaign if it can be converted into a sale.

Lead capture is the lifeblood of any successful marketing campaign. Whether you’re working with an advertising budget, even your best landing pages won’t do much good until they’re sending a steady stream of high quality leads to your database. As we move forward, it’s time to focus on aligning goals with the metrics and mediums that together can empower marketers to capture more leads and land more sales



Whether your organization needs leads generated for its in-house sales team or for a channel support program, our combination of skills and technology will enable you to build and manage a marketing infrastructure that truly adds long-term value and equity to your business.

In light of today’s uncertain outlook for the global economy, each and every business needs to cut costs and increase profits… especially businesses that sell services. Keeping and maintaining trained employees is costing a fortune and the service industry, being people-powered, is melting under the pressure of depleting resources and increasing costs.

Your company can leverage Plustel Solutions’ world-class digital infrastructure to grow your business. Get started easily by signing up to use our marketing infrastructure. As soon as you signup, a dedicated Project Manager, who is a full-time employee at Plustel Solutions will be assigned to your business. Your Project Manager will in-turn get your work done by our team of experts. Depending on your task, the right expert is utilized for various online marketing strategies like content creation, SEO, social media marketing, link building, online branding, mobile site creation, local search marketing, analytics, WordPress, competitor analysis, keyword research and so on. It’s like hiring a TEAM of highly trained professionals but paying only a fraction of what is needed to operate a fully equipped world-class digital marketing infrastructure.



This program seamlessly integrates with all existing CRM and contact management systems. It allows us and our clients to close the loop and see the results of their campaigns – from the first impression, through the sales processes all the way to revenue. It also enables our program managers to focus on lead and traffic quality rather than cost.

The beauty of Internet marketing is that the results can be tracked, which lets our clients determine the effectiveness of campaigns. The most important element of ROI tracking is easy access to reporting tools and readily available data interpretation.

Furthermore, you can also view the status of your other marketing initiatives and services performed on the website.



Want to know more about our methodology and lead generation technology? Call +63 (915) 235-4735 to set up a capabilities presentation. We’ll show you examples of our lead generation tactics and Lead Labeling technology in action as well as case studies of their ROI success.




Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires marketing that is on target with the precise the message you wish to convey. Sales are vital for every business, and whether your business…



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